Poziv ponudnikom zelenih tehnologij: 15 poslovnih priložnosti po Argentini, Braziliji in Kolumbiji

torek, 04. maj 2021

Low Carbon Business Action LATAM objavlja poziv ponudnikom zelenih tehnologij v EU »15 poslovnih priložnosti po Argentini, Braziliji in Kolumbiji«.

Cilj poziva je povezati evropske ponudnike tehnologij s podjetji LATAM, ki iščejo rešitve na področjih, kot so bioplin, ravnanje z odpadki, sončna energija ali Smart Green Tech Cities.

Poziv je objavljen na spletni strani latam.lowcarbonbusinessaction.com/callforexpressionofinterest/, vključuje pa naslednje poslovne priložnosti:
  • CO-001: Power generation plant from the recovery of rice husk waste
  • CO-015: Transform tires (rubber) and plastics into new raw materials
  • CO-012: Energy use of Agricultural Harvest Residues (AHR) from sugar cane in Colombia
  • CO-011: Transformation of innovative parks and public spaces with environmentally sustainable initiatives
  • BR-050: Biogas plant for generation of energy from organic residues of food industry
  • BR-010: Hybrid biogas and solar energy generation with waste recovery from pulp and paper processing plant
  • AR-006: Power generation using syngas from updraft biomass gasifier
  • BR-009: Electricity supply and storage through Solar PV generation in tollbooths
  • BR-011: Biogas and biomethane plant powered with digestion of waste generated by a sugar and alcohol processing plant.
  • CO-007: Implementation of energy efficient portable grain drying systems powered with renewable energies
  • CO-008: Design, construction and assembly of a biomass boiler and Turbogenerator
  • CO-006: Reduction of power cuts on Energy Infrastructure
  • CO-005: Ecofriendly Power Transformers
  • CO-004: Plant for the improvement of livestock wastewater treatment processes
  • AR-005: Biomass electrical generation from bagasse and stillage waste, obtaining fertilizer as a by-product

Poziv je odprt do 24. maja 2021.

Dodatne informacije: latam@lowcarbonbusinessaction.com